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Jeffrey A. Fleisher Architect

Residential & Commercial Design

We have developed a tried and true process to best serve our clients. This process works efficiently to provide the best quality project for the owner. Because every client and project is unique, we mold this process to meet our client's particular needs. The unique components of this process consist of the following:


Establish the client's goals and program. It is essential to identify all parameters of the project up front to ensure the focus is maintained throughout the project. The client is interviewed to establish their needs and wishes, and Local ordinances and codes are checked to quickly establish any restrictions on the project.


Study several design options. This enables an educated decision for the direction of the project and sets the project on the right path. Advantages and disadvantages are evaluated for each scheme so that the best design is chosen to fulfill the owner's goals. This step is also essential when working with building committees.


Obtain approvals. Once the project direction is set and budgets are agreed upon, we assist in preparing professional presentations for approval. Whether it is a planning board, the board of trustees, or a parish congregation, we prepare renderings and models and help present the project to build approval consensus.


Produce quality construction documents. When preparing the construction drawings, we build the structure on paper, from the footings up. Hands-on construction knowledge is combined with architectural experience to work out problems and coordinate different trades on paper rather than in the field. This saves the owner time and money. Extensive field experience ensures that drawings are annotated and detailed in order to minimize change orders.


Screen and select quality contractor. We bring a list of potential experienced and trusted contractors on board prior to bidding. During negotiations, we conduct interviews and follow up references to ensure that the owner understands what kind of contractor they are selecting.


Active Construction Administration. During construction, we will visit to ensure the project is being built as planned. We can run job meetings and issue job minutes. Jobs under construction are a priority. Our cell phone number is available to the team members and we are on call to quickly resolve issues to keep construction running smoothly.


Construction follow up. At the end of the project, we follow up with a detailed punch list to ensure quality work is carried out. After construction, we conduct follow-up interviews to verify your satisfaction or to help resolve any outstanding issues.